We are a church-based ministry providing spiritual renewal, health care, education and skills development and economic empowerment. 

About the Founders

Apollo and Annette Kagwa have been married of now 11 years and counting,together they have two biological daughters, Aquila, Aliza and two foster boys, Mathias and Gabriel.

They are the founding pastors of Christ way church in Kampala Uganda.The two are a couple on a mission to advance the cause of Christ around the world by equipping the church to become what God created them to be.

Apollo holds a BA in environmental management and an MA in contextualized pastoral ministry from Lancaster Bible college in Pennsylvania USA and Annette holds a BA in Arts and a masters degree in international business from Amity University-India.

Our Vision & Mission


— Our Vision

A people changed by Christ transforming their Community, City and Nations.


— Our Mission

To connect people to the saving grace of Christ that they may grow in him and be empowered for the work of ministry.

#Changed to transform.

Our Values


We regard worship to be but more than honoring God through song, so we encourage every believer to live in reverence to God – that’s; our lifestyle should demonstrate the attitude that we are living for God. Psalm 96, Romans 12:1-2


We know that every believer has a Spiritual gift so we teach every member to use that particular gift in building up the body of Christ. Ephesians 4:12


We believe that as the children and friends of Christ, we are called to serve Him by being faithful servants to both the church and society. 1Peter 4:10-11


We believe Christ honored God the father by obeying and fulfilling His mission on earth. In the same way we commit ourselves and resources to advance the mission in the way we do the work of ministry. 2Corinth 8:21


Since our God is an excellent God and we are created in His Image, we believe that we have the ability to serve His people in a way that is representative of Him. Colossians 3:23-24


Because God still loves and cares about this sinful world, it’s our call and responsibility as believers to love and to care for both the spiritual and physical needs of people within and outside the church. James1:27; 2:14-17