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About Us

This ministry was birthed out of a desire to further the mission of Christ on earth. It’s upon the direct words of Jesus, his actions and other biblical teachings that motivate the vision bearers to pursue the mission of Christ through the Church. In the words of Jesus; Luke 4:18, John 10:10, Luke 19:10, Matthew 28:18-20

Our Mandate

We believe that whatever Jesus did or said, it’s the work of the Church to advance. For the world to change, the Church must prayerfully and intentionally do what Jesus did and say what Jesus said. The church should Preach, Teach, Feed, Heal and Lead people in the same way Jesus did ministry on earth. It’s our call to seek for ways of how we can make the words and works of Jesus become relevant to needs of today’s generation.

Christ Way Mission was birthed out of scripture to respond to the needs of Africa (starting with Uganda) following Jesus model of transforming society.


Veronica plans on opening up a boutique with the skills acquired from source for women

she can make money to support her family. She’s  grateful to Source for women for the program and she can never forget all their efforts.

Is an orphan and the eldest daughter in their family,

when her parents died she came to the city and started doing all kinds of work, for example, washing peoples clothes and digging just so that she can earn some money.  she joined Source for Women and learnt how to use a sewing machine.


support us and change the course
of a human life today!